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Research Associate Position in Technological Innovation

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff EPA0543
1) Conducting research on the relationship between different types of innovation and firm performance 2) Design and development of a survey to assess innovation practices at firms 3) Assessment of student learning of innovation and technology management projects View Details Bookmark

Temporary Admin Support Pool

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0015 TADMIN
Applicants applying to this posting are entering an applicant pool for temporary administrative support staff positions across campus. Positions in this banded class are characterized by their performance of a variety of administrative, secretarial, and office support duties. Positions require knowledge of the office or work unit policies and procedures in order to communicate information invo… View Details Bookmark

Temporary Hall Director

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0739 THallDirector
To oversee the management of 1-2 traditional or suite style residence halls supervising and training Graduate Hall Directors and Resident Assistants. Primary responsibilities include coordinating hall programming, advising hall councils, adjudicating student conduct violations interpreting and enforcing policies and regulation of the University for the residence halls. View Details Bookmark

Temporary University Farm Assistant Mechanic

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0890
The Mechanic Assistant works under the supervision of the farm shop coordinator (shop mechanic) performing any and all shop related duties. These duties include working on tractors, trucks, mowers, weed eaters and all types of farm equipment, doing task such as oil changes, belts, hoses, starters, alternators, changing mower blades, hydraulic and transmission fluids, etc. Employee performs trou… View Details Bookmark

Temporary Project Manager

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0889
Project Manager for Facilities Operations manage multi-level projects from small maintenance to complex and high profile projects that may impact the entire University from power distribution to campus wide network support systems. This position develops and manages campus renovation and repair projects up to $300K; creates detailed work plan, schedules, establishes and manages project budget. … View Details Bookmark

Temporary Property Security Officer

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0407 Temporary Property Security Officer
The primary purpose of this position is to provide an effective and efficient link between the University Community and the University Police Department’s operations and services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. This position provides protective, security, enforcement and public contact work in support of campus operations. View Details Bookmark

Temporary Grounds Worker

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0092 TempGrounds200
To assist with upkeep of the grounds to provide beautification to the entire campus. View Details Bookmark

Temporary Accounting Technician Pool

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0024 TACCTTECH
Process and notify customers and departments of returned checks. Perform reconciliation of the return checks account to banner student and banner finance. Process and reconcile the petty cash fund. Interact with students, parents, faculty, staff and other constituents in a timely and professional manner. View Details Bookmark

Temporary Staff Pool

Temporary Employment Temporary Staff SPA0010
Applicants applying to this posting are entering an applicant pool for temporary staff positions across campus. As the need arises, qualified applicants will be contacted if their knowledge, skills and abilities align with the duties required of position. View Details Bookmark